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If a guy says that we are perfect for each other what does that mean ? As an we have a lot in common? Or... ?


Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

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I also read several theories about Malia being an imagination-friend Stiles created as the other anon pointed out. If you look closely, Malia is pretty much like Stiles. From wearing plaid, to using colours to solve a problem to figuring things out. Also, Malia appeared in a time where Stiles was vulnerable. She likes him back and satisfies his "needs" - just what Stiles needs in his post-possession time. It's an interesting theory.


When “Echo House” aired I swore it was all in Stiles’s head.

Literally, that was the only theory I was willing to work with because I felt it was the only theory that made any sense.

I drifted away from theory purely because I didn’t understand how her reactions with the other characters fit in. 

So now I have two theories, naturally.

One (unlikely) - She really is in Stiles’s head. She was the perfect distraction in Eichen House and it makes sense that he would retreat into his mind. The random, unsafe sex also makes sense then - it was a distraction, a mere coping mechanism. 

But what about the other characters she interacted with in season 4? How do you explain that? Unless…they all imagined her?

That…is actually sort of plausible though admittedly extremely farfetched.

What if she’s a wrathful deity that is screwing with all their heads?

Lydia’s alone scenes with Malia are in tense situations where Lydia is trying but unable to deal with her own powers. Malia, conveniently, helps Lydia find her way though (the numbers being the cypher key).

Derek’s alone scenes with Malia are in situations where he cannot do for himself. Again, Malia helps suspiciously (makes him remember the Buddhist mantra and leads him to a field of dead bodies).

Scott’s alone scenes with Malia are in dangerous situations. One is with Peter (who nobody should be left alone with) and then again at the bonfire where her actions alert him to the evil music and assassins.

Kira’s alone scene with Malia was outside the PSAT where Malia presented Kira with information - the bag under Scott’s bed. At the time, Kira was feeling insecure about her relationship with Scott (as evidenced by her rambling about them being fully clothed on the bed). Oh, and the Mexico scene where Malia dances on her where again Kira was insecure.

Scenes with the sheriff could be projections of Stiles’s desires. He wants his dad to be proud and accepting of his decisions. Having his dad recognize Malia as his girlfriend and offer to buy them dinner? Of course that’s something he wants. 

Scenes with Malia and Peter I have nothing on. No idea.

Two - Now this is theory I really believe in: the trickster trifecta.

Coyotes, foxes, ravens - these guys are important.

And third eye guy? He’s important too.

I think that scene in “Echo House” where Oliver randomly gets possessed is actually really important. Why? Because Stiles didn’t just let the nogitsune into his head.

He let Malia in too.

And you know what? I bet that right there connects a lot of shit. Like why Malia randomly seems to know things she shouldn’t, like his color system. And THE HORRIBLE RINGER SHIRT OF DOOM.

*More meta to come.


"bisexual? you mean you’re experimenting?"

*kicks test tubes and alien hybrid under a desk* “um no what do you mean”